Sonja Gensler

IJRM Publication of the Chair of Value-based Marketing - Now Published!

In light of scarce resources, firms strategically weigh off between investments in value creation and value appropriation. They do so by placing more emphasis on one of the two strategic orientations which defines their strategic emphasis. So far, literature has relied on accounting data – specifically on reported investments in R&D and advertising – to operationalize reported strategic emphasis and studied its association with a firm’s financial performance. Previous studies suggest that firms benefit from emphasizing value appropriation.

However, Sonja Gensler, Karlo Oehring (former PhD student), and Thorsten Wiesel show that the association between shifts in reported strategic emphasis and stock returns has actually changed over time. These days, the stock market wants firms to balance their strategic orientation. Moreover, they do not only take a firm’s reported strategic emphasis into account but also consider what firms communicate about their strategic orientation.

The authors infer communicated strategic emphasis from a firm’s ‘Management Discussion & Analysis’ (MD&A) section of its Form 10-K filings, and develop a special purpose dictionary and show that what firms say about their strategic emphasis matters to investors in addition to what they report. The distinction between reported and communicated shifts in strategic emphasis provides novel managerial insights and avenues for future marketing strategy research.

Link to website of IJRM and article: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167811623000526