The MCM offers students up-to-date, hands-on, internationally-oriented instruction covering every aspect of marketing. We set great store by our students' personal development,  encourage them to exercise their critical faculties, and enable them to participate constructively in academic debates about marketing. Even our undergraduate courses are supplemented by lectures given by top-flight experts from the world of business. The purpose of these lectures is to set up links between theoretical knowledge and current issues relating to the business world.

+++     Important note concerning the winter semester 2020/21     +++

Please note that due to the current restrictions imposed by COVID-19, our lectures (BSc and MSc level) will take place digitally via Zoom in the coming winter semester. At the same time, we aim for small meetings in person for our exercise sessions, tutorials, and seminars. We are also making preparations to offer some sessions in a hybrid format where students can chose between a physical or digital participation.

The detailed schedules for each course will be announced on Learnweb by the end of October at the latest. Please note that these schedules may be subject to change if restrictions are relaxed or strengthened. Any changes will be announced on Learnweb.