Theses and Seminar Papers

  • Theses

    If you are interested in writing your thesis at the MCM please enrol yourself in the following course on Learnweb:

    "Theses Application at the MCM"

    This course will provide you with information about current research areas at the MCM and indicates the procedures that have to be followed if you want to write your bachelor or master thesis at the MCM. At the beginning of each semester, the MCM professors hold a joint session in which they give the opportunity to discuss current topics and are available for your questions.

    In case of questions AFTER your enrollment, please contact the MCM Coordinator for Theses.

    You can find current Offers for writing theses in cooperation with practice partners in our MCM Career Service Center.

  • Seminar Papers

    • Instructions for writing seminar papers.
    • Template for writing seminar papers.
    • Plagiarism check
      Please attach the consent form for a plagiarism check to your seminar paper. Both the German and the English version of the consent form are available at the website of the Examination Office.