At the Marketing Center Münster (MCM) marketing professors and assistant professors work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust:

The chairs are autonomous, but they are obliged to work closely together and exchange information about research, teaching, and continuing education as a matter of routine.

Looking after our students is a top priority for us. Our teaching has a sound theoretical underpinning and a marked practical bias. We support our students and set them demanding tasks so that they will be able to cope with complex situations, resolve problems in constructive teamwork, and exercise executive functions.

On a routine basis we zero in on new developments in marketing in order to scrutinise them from various angles. Depending on their main area of research, the specialists working in each of the four chairs will see things somewhat differently. By co-operating closely with people in the business world, we hope to remain one of the first addresses in the field of higher education in the German-speaking world. At the same time we are anxious to reinforce our international profile.