Department of Marketing and Media Research (LMM)

The Department of Marketing & Media Research was founded in April 2010. Our courses and research projects are conducted with academic rigour. We deal with a broad range of topics relating to marketing and the media. Special attention is given to the successful management of products, brands and customer relationships in the media and entertainment industries, which have evolved in new directions in the digital age. We are anxious to ensure that our research meets the most exacting requirements, and we constantly endeavour to provide fresh insights into the phenomena we study.

  • Teaching

    Good teaching is a top priority for the Department of Marketing and Media Research. We do our utmost to maintain high standards of classroom teaching and provide all the necessary support for students who are working on dissertations or independent assignments. We aim to transmit skills and knowledge in a manner which is both theoretically sound and relevant to the practical realities of the business world.

    We offer bachelor's degree courses, master's degree courses, and courses geared to the needs of doctoral candidates and prospective business executives. Since our teaching is research-oriented, the topics dealt with in our courses fall within the purview of our chief research interests. The courses for master's students focus on media management.

  • Research

    Issues concerning marketing and management constitute the chief research interest of the Department of Marketing and Media Research. Special attention is accorded to media products and services. Further information about the department's main areas of research can be found here.