Chair of Value-Based Marketing (IWM)

Professor Thorsten Wiesel founded the Chair of Value-Based Marketing in 2012. Our team endeavors to meet the highest requirements in teaching and research with a powerful blend of commitment, joy, passion, and motivation. Since Ocotober 2019, Sonja Gensler manages the Chair of Value-Based Marketing and Thorsten Wiesel directs the Excellence Start-Up Center REACH.

  • Teaching

    Our teaching activities aim to improve our students’ knowledge about market-oriented leadership and to enhance their critical thinking skills. In the Master’s program, we offer courses on market-oriented leadership, and how firms can create value for their customers through innovation. Moreover, we teach advanced methods in market research to improve the analytical skills of our students. On a regularly basis, we offer seminars that allow students to apply their analytical skills (DoIT seminar series) and to improve their conceptual thinking (KnowIT seminar series). In the Bachelor program, we teach students the fundamentals of marketing and entrepreneurial marketing. We aim for having discussions with our student on recent topics in market-oriented leadership and use concepts like flipped classroom and problem-based learning to stimulate discussions. We are continuously motivating our students to challenge themselves to grow personally and professionally. Following Goethe’s saying: ”There are two things children should receive from their parents: roots and wings.” We aim to offer an education that forms strong roots and allows our students to fly into a bright future.

  • Research

    Our research focuses on how firms can create value to their customers and ultimately value to the firm through products and services (value equity) and their customer relationship management efforts (relationship equity). We are especially interested in new business opportunities in digitalized environments. We conduct high-quality research. To ensure the high quality of our research, we continuously discuss our research projects internally and present our projects at international conferences. We further collaborate with researchers outside the University of Münster to leverage areas of expertise. At the same time, we ensure that our research is relevant for practice by discussing our projects regularly with managers. Our students also benefit from our research activities since we discuss our recent research in class. We, thus, provide students the opportunity to gain insights into up-to-date research findings.