Master's Degree Program

The master's degree program is intended for graduates of the bachelor's degree program who wish to attain higher level professional qualifications and/or who have set their sights on an academic career.

The master's degree in business administration rests on four pillars:

  • Four pillars of the master's degree in business administration

    • A knowledge of business administration that meets international requirements;
    • the combination of a "major" (main subject) and a "minor" (subsidiary subject) - by combining different main and subsidiary subjects, students can adapt their studies to their individual interests and abilities;
    • an orientation towards academic research, and
    • a strong orientation towards the job market

The MCM offers marketing as a "major" and "minor" for master's students of business administration. The following combinations are available:

  • Major + minor combinations

    • major + minor in marketing as a supplementary subject (full master's degree in marketing)
    • major in marketing + minor in accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management or research (major in marketing)
    • minor in marketing + major in accounting, finance or management (minor in marketing)

Note: We are currently restructuring master's degree courses in marketing with a view to enhancing the coherence of business studies. The restructuring process will entail changes in the examination regulations, but these changes are not yet legally valid. As a result, the course in market-oriented leadership is not yet obligatory for students who major in marketing. Nonetheless, students are encouraged to take this course. The courses on offer are invariably placed within a frame of reference, and the course in market-oriented leadership lays the cornerstone for a major in marketing.

Central information about the master's degree in business administration (structure, admissions, etc.) can be found on an information page of the School of Business and Economics (information page for master's students). Information is also provided by the academic coordinators who are responsible for the master's program.

Students who enrol for the master's degree in business administration can major or minor in marketing at the Marketing Center Münster.