Master's Degree Program

The master's degree program in Business Administration is intended for graduates of the bachelor's degree program who wish to attain higher level professional qualifications and/or who have set their sights on an academic career.

The master's degree in business administration rests on four pillars:

  • Four pillars of the master's degree in business administration

    • A knowledge of Business Administration that meets international requirements

    • The combination of a "Major" (main subject) and a "Minor" (subsidiary subject) - by combining different main and subsidiary subjects, students can adapt their studies to their individual interests and abilities

    • An orientation towards academic Research

    • A strong orientation towards the job market

Central information about the master's degree in Business Administration (all Major/Minor combinations, structures, admission requirements and applications process etc.) can be found on the information page of the School of Business and Economics (information page for master's students) – Information is also provided by the academic coordinators who are responsible for the master's program in Business Administration .

Students that want to incorporate Marketing as a part of their master´s degree in Business Administration, can choose between three combinations:

  • Possible Major + Minor combinations

    • Full Master´s Degree in Marketing: Major Marketing + Minor Marketing as a supplementary subject (120 ECTS in Marketing) -> Please note: as of WS 24/25 the Full Master Marketing will be no longer selectable.
    • Major Marketing: Major in Marketing + Minor in Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, Management or Research (96 ECTS in Marketing, 24 ECTS in the chosen Minor)
    • Minor Marketing, if you have chosen Accounting, Finance or Management as a Major. (24 ECTS in Marketing, 96 ECTS in your chosen Major)