Major Marketing

Students who major in Marketing follow a master's degree program in Business Administration characterized by excellent teaching and Research, a marked practical bias, and a distinctly international flavor. There are ample opportunities for improving analytical skills and social competence. The courses are taught by a team of highly motivated professors and over thirty Research assistants/academic staff members of the Marketing Center Münster (MCM).

Major Marketing courses focus on various facets of market-oriented Management and are based on a two-stage approach: Marketing is defined as market-oriented Management and students who specialize in this subject are trained both as specialists (Marketing executives) and as all-rounders (general executives).

All courses that can be chosen within the Marketing Major. cover theoretical and practical aspects of Marketing and are considered from a different angle in each of the institutes that offer courses in this subject. Thus, for instance, there are courses in customer relationship management (CRM), Marketing analytics, sustainability, sales management, media Marketing, digital, and value-based Marketing. The uniqueness of Marketing as a special area of study is mirrored in the importance accorded to quantitative studies, the high degree of interaction between lecturers and students, and the program's distinct practical bent. The latter tendency is reinforced by the use of case studies and numerous lectures given by high-ranking business people.

The international orientation of the emphasis in question is ensured by the fact that students are regularly taught by foreign lecturers. Course content is presented from an international perspective, there are exchange programmes, and the majority of lectures for students of all semesters are held in English. Each semester has been split up into two terms in the hope that students will spend a semester or a term at one of the many prestigious, intra- and extra-European partner universities of the School of Business and Economics. The best opportunities for a sojourn at a foreign university are in the third semester (i.e., in the fifth or sixth term).

Highly gifted Marketing students are supported by the Circle of Excellence in Marketing (CEM), which provides additional training that goes well beyond that offered to students of average ability. The CEM program, which is implemented in co-operation with well-known firms, is designed to prepare students for managerial work in internationally operating companies.
The Marketing Center Münster also offers an attractive environment for top-flight researchers. Master's students specializing in Marketing are integrated at an early stage into the research programs of various institutes so that they can be prepared for work in various academic domains.

  • General Course Sequence

    Students majoring in Marketing need 90 ECTS. If you want to major (NOT minor) in Marketing, your general course sequence will look like this:

    • Advanced Market Research (6 ECTS)
    • Market-Oriented Leadership (6 ECTS)

    • Marketing Seminar I (12 ECTS)

    • Marketing Seminar II (12 ECTS)

    • Master's thesis (30 ECTS)

    • 5 free-choice Marketing courses (5 x 6 = 30 ECTS) from which max. one course can be an elective
      (see electives' process)

    The following diagram represents the course sequence in broad outline.


    1. * Innovation Management can not be chosen by students minoring in Entrepreneurship.
  • An Overview of the MCM Courses

    The following diagram provides an overview of the courses on offer for students who wish to major in marketing. Unforeseeable circumstances may necessitate changes (effective: August 25, 2021).

    Detailed information about the content of individual lectures can be found in the module guide for the master's degree program.

    If you have any questions about the content of the courses on offer for students Majoring in Marketing, you should contact the coordinator of the master's degree program.


    1. (X) = Courses generally extend over the first and second terms of a semester. Please check the respective course sites for exact schedules.

    2. Students are advised to take courses in Market-oriented Leadership and Advanced Market Research in the first semester. These two courses lay the foundations for other courses.

    3. As a rule, students who wish to take part in a seminar in the winter semester have to sign up in August, while those who want to attend a seminar in the summer semester have to enrol in February. If you embark on your studies in the winter semester, you will not be able to enrol for a seminar until the following summer semester.

    4. * Innovation Management can not be chosen by students minoring in Entrepreneurship.

  • Electives

    As a „Major Marketing“ student you can choose one elective, i.e., a course that is not part of the offering of the MCM to broaden your horizon and sharpen your business acumen. In case you want a course to be credited as an elective, please first have a look at the overview. The courses listed in the overview have been accepted in previous semesters as electives.

    After having decided on your elective, submit your legally binding registration using the Elective Registration Tool (accessible from the university network or via VPN). If you have any questions, please contact the Electives' Coordinator.

    If you pick a course that has been previously accepted (i.e., that is on the overview), you need to submit the form before the relevant PAM deadline expires.

    If you are interested in a course that is not in the aforementioned overview, you need to submit the form before the semester begins, so that it can be properly evaluated.