Starting Your Studies

Welcome to the Marketing Center Münster! Starting your Master’s degree can be a challenging and new experience. In order to ensure an easy and smooth start into your studies, this page provides you with all the information you need to ideally plan your first master semester majoring or minoring in Marketing.

  • Planning Your Studies

    In order to prepare for the upcoming studies, we recommend you to make a preliminary study plan for the course of your whole master’s degree. On the one hand this is important as some courses may build on each other, on the other hand as each semester is split into two terms, the workload may increase if courses are not planned carefully.

    • General Study Plan for Full Marketing and Major Marketing

      In order to obtain a master's degree in Marketing, students need 120 ECTS. The credits will be awarded on the following basis:

      66 ECTS
      + 24 ECTS
      + 30 ECTS
      (Master Thesis)

      Compulsory courses:

      • Advanced Market Research (6 ECTS)
      • Market-oriented Leadership (6 ECTS)
      • Marketing Seminar I (12 ECTS)
      • Marketing Seminar II (12 ECTS)

      If you choose...

      • ... Full Marketing you have nine free-choice Marketing courses where max. two courses can be replaced by an elective (i.e. a course from another Minor)
      • ... Marketing Major you have five free-choice Marketing courses where max. one may be replaced by an elective


      The MCM offers several seminars every semester. Details are announced in the MCM News and by your Class Representatives. An online application will be activated the same time the news will be announced. For the summer semester the application will be activated in Dec/Jan, and for the winter semester in Jun/Jul.


      In case you want to have a course accepted as a free-choice elective, please first have a look at the overview. After having decided on your elective, submit your legally binding registration using the Elective Registration Tool (accessible from the university network or via VPN). If you have any questions, please contact the Electives' Coordinator.

      Semester abroad

      Each semester is split up into two terms in the hope that students will spend a semester or a term at one of the many prestigious, intra- and extra-European partner universities of the School of Business and Economics. The best opportunities for a sojourn at a foreign university are in the third semester (i.e., in the fifth or sixth term).

      Detailed information about studying abroad can be found on the respective page.

    • General Study Plan for Minor Marketing

      Students minoring in marketing need 24 ECTS. The general course sequence will look like this:

      • Compulsory Course: Marketing Strategy (12 ECTS)
      • Two of the courses on offer for students minoring in Marketing (2 x 6 ECTS)
        • Note: 'Market-Oriented Leadership’ and ‘Applications of Market-Oriented Leadership’ are barred from the selection

    • Overview Current Course Offerings

      The following table gives you a rough indication of the course offerings. More detailed information can be found here.

  • Welcome Events

    For the best possible start into your studies, the MCM provides you with all the necessary information in the introductory week. Here, the Bootcamp for all new Master students wit a Major in Marketing is important. Furthermore, the Fachschaft as well as the Study Coordination plan interesting events at the beginning of the semester.

    Check out the following links and sign up for the events:

  • Important Links

    The following presentation includes important links that need to be considered when planning your studies. Please read the document carefully before approaching us with any questions.

  • Contact Person

    If you have any questions left about how to plan your studies, you may take a look at our FAQ page or contact the coordinator of the master’s degree program. She will gladly help you!

    Christina Okoutsidou, M.Sc.