The Art of Negotiation – A Workshop for Students in Collaboration with Engelhard Arzneimittel

In a fast-paced world where effective negotiation skills are paramount, our students recently had the opportunity to sharpen their abilities through an intensive two-day workshop, hosted by Tobias Frank, National Sales Director at Engelhard Arzneimittel. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of negotiation dynamics while offering practical experience through case studies.

Over the course of two days, participants embarked on a journey to:

  • Explore the Phases of Negotiation: Participants delved into the nuances of negotiation, understanding the various phases from analysis and planning to negotiation and closure. By analyzing each phase, students gained insights into crafting effective negotiation tactics tailored to diverse contexts.
  • Apply Theoretical Knowledge: Building upon theoretical foundations, students engaged in practical exercises to apply negotiation concepts in real-world scenarios. Using case studies, they navigated through simulated negotiations and faced challenges that reflected real-life business environments.

The Chair of Marketing Management would like to thank Tobias Frank and Engelhard Arzneimittel for their insights. Their wealth of experience and industry-specific knowledge enriched the learning experience of our participants and contributed to a successful workshop.