Practical Insights Into Omnichannel Management – Guest Lecture by Mars

On December 1, the Chair of Marketing Management (IfM) had the pleasure of welcoming Mars as guest speakers in the Sales Management course. This longstanding tradition of Mars guest lectures is highly valued, offering students valuable insights from real-world corporate practice.

Guest speakers Nexan Chopra, European Customer Business Director, and Frank Hanisch, Channel Development Director, offered captivating insights into omnichannel management at a global B2C company. Frank Hanisch commenced with an overview of the company's history and diverse product portfolio, followed by Nexan Chopra's discussion on the impact of smartphones and the increasing emphasis on online channels, especially e-commerce. The presentation highlighted Mars' omnichannel strategy, emphasizing personalized customer interactions and ensuring a consistently positive customer experience across all channels.

To bridge the theory-practice gap, lecture materials were employed to illustrate Mars' development of a comprehensive channel strategy. Mars offered a practical perspective on the opportunities and risks associated with omnichannel management, complementing the theoretical knowledge presented in the lecture.

Subsequently, a Meet & Greet was held on the MCM premises, fostering direct dialogue between students and Mars' guest speakers. The interactive session allowed students to pose follow-up questions, delve into the lecture's content, and explore career opportunities at Mars, whereas especially Anais Lamers was responsible for career-related questions.

We would like to cordially thank Mars for the informative guest lecture and willingness to share practical insights.