Exploring the Pharmaceuticals Sector – Special Guest Lecture by Engelhard Arzneimittel

On December 8, the Chair of Marketing Management was thrilled to host Engelhard Arzneimittel in this year's Sales Management course. During the guest lecture, Tobias Frank, Sales Director National, shared valuable insights on sales territory alignment and provided a detailed examination of the pharmaceutical industry. Engelhard Arzneimittel's visits to the Sales Management course have become a cherished and longstanding tradition, highlighting their commitment to education. Tobias Frank traveled from Engelhard Arzneimittel's headquarters in Niederdorfelden near Frankfurt to Münster to present in person to the audience.

The session commenced with an introduction to the family-owned firm, Engelhard Arzneimittel, and its historical background. Subsequently, Tobias Frank presented a snapshot of the German pharmaceutical market, identifying reasons necessitating the alignment of their sales territory. Factors such as the influx of new competitors, stagnant market shares, and evolving consumer behavior were outlined. To overcome these challenges, Engelhard Arzneimittel aims to transform into an innovative, flexible, and proficient sales organization, aspiring to achieve market leadership.

Subsequently, Tobias Frank elucidated Engelhard Arzneimittel's strategy for territory realignment to the class. The theoretical framework encompassed the existing territory configuration and the implementation of the territory design process, enriched by practical insights. Emphasis was placed on the salespeople's perspective, acknowledging their reactions to the adjustments brought about by territory.

Following that, the guest speaker delved into the immediate and prolonged consequences of territory realignment. Tobias Frank underscored the pivotal role of satisfaction with sales territory realignment in shaping a salesperson's motivation, performance, and job contentment. This satisfaction hinges on factors related to territory, outcomes, and behaviors. Notably, the outcomes for Engelhard Arzneimittel were remarkable, with a substantial increase in turnover observed since the implementation of the sales territory alignment.

The guest lecture concluded with insights into entry opportunities and the corporate culture at Engelhard Arzneimittel. The session wrapped up with a very interactive meet & greet on the MCM premises, providing an opportunity for individual questions and a relaxed exchange.

The Chair of Marketing Management cordially thanks Tobias Frank and Engelhard Arzneimittel for their valuable contribution to this year's Sales Management course.