Raoul Kübler will leave MCM for ESSEC Business School Paris at the end of September 2022

The team of the Marketing Center Münster announces that Professor Raoul Kübler will leave the Marketing Center Münster at the end of the coming summer semester to join ESSEC Business School in Paris as an Associate Professor of Marketing.

While the MCM is sad to lose a highly esteemed colleague and friend, we wish Raoul Kübler all the best for the next step in his career path. While it always comes as a disappointment to lose a valued colleague to another school, we acknowledge that ESSEC, as a world-renowned business school, is high-level competition.

“This was a difficult decision to take,” explains Prof. Kübler. “I enjoyed the last four years in Münster a lot. The productive and friendly working atmosphere at the Marketing Center Münster was astonishing, and MCM will certainly keep a special place in my heart and career path. Still, one of my life dreams was to work in France for a prestigious French Grande Ecole. Although I highly enjoyed working with the very talented and passionate MCM students, I felt I have to follow my dreams and thus decided to go to Paris.”

Professor Kübler and the JPM team will continue offering classes and seminars during the summer semester of 2022. This means that “Integrated Marketing Communications,”Data Science,” as well the seminar “Standing Together While Being Apart? An Analysis of Covid-19 Marketing Strategies” will be fully offered and open to MCM’s master students. However, the team will no more be able to supervise master theses starting later than Q2.

In addition, Raoul Kübler plans to continue teaching in Münster’s unique Marketing MBA, continuing his strong connection with WWU and the Marketing Center.