Chair of Marketing Management @ AI Research EXPO

On April 23rd 2024, the Center of Nonlinear Science hosted the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research EXPO by CeNoS and InterKI at the University of Münster in the Schlossfoyer. The event was aimed at researchers utilizing AI methodologies across various disciplines. The AI Research EXPO featured a poster exhibition and networking session, providing a platform for AI researchers to present their work and engage in interdisciplinary discussions. Additionally, two keynote presentations offered insights into the methodological and theoretical aspects of AI.

Nadine Eckel and Christina Okoutsidou were invited to represent the Chair of Marketing Management. The young researchers enjoyed fruitful discussion around their research on Virtual Influencer Marketing and got the unique opportunity to gain an overview of the entire spectrum of AI research at University of Münster – basics, algorithms, applications, societal aspects.

Ms. Eckel and Ms. Okoutsidou thank Katrin Schmietendorf for organizing this event and Dr. Oliver Kamps as well as Dr. Uwe Thiele for making this stimulating exchange possible! They also thank their student assistant Johanna Pölling for supporting with the poster design.