Exploring Sensory Marketing – PhD Course by Prof. Dr. Dipayan Biswas

In the week from April 2nd to April 5th, the Chair of Marketing Management welcomed Marketing Professor Dr. Dipayan Biswas from the University of South Florida. Renowned in the field of Sensory Marketing, Professor Biswas held a PhD course titled “Sensory Aspects of Businesses: Implications for Humans, AI and Robots” at the Marketing Center Münster.

During his course, Professor Biswas guided the eleven participants in various sessions through the different aspects of sensory marketing. Here, he first gave an overview of the basic principles of sensory perception and discussed innovative strategies to influence customer experiences. Furthermore, Professor Biswas’s presentation of the course content inspired lively discussions among the participants. The seminar concluded with participants presenting their prospective future research projects within the realm of Sensory Marketing, drawing on the insights gained from the sessions during the course.

Professor Biswas’s enthusiasm for his research field was palpable throughout the PhD course. The Chair of Marketing Management would like to thank Professor Biswas for the uniquely inspiring and educational seminar!