CEM x Vodafone workshop - Students tackle vital business issues

On April 7 and 8, 2022, 17 members of the Circle of Excellence in Marketing from the Universities of Cologne, Berlin and Münster had the opportunity to get to know the world of Vodafone on two exciting online workshop days.

After a warm welcome by Elena Schoo (Marketing Manager Consumer Value), the students were learned about the company and its impressive work culture.  The participants were then offered a "method speed dating" with the Vodafone Customer Experience Team, in which they were presented with helpful method approaches for the workshop. For example, the Charette method, persona analyses and customer journey mapping were explained as customer-centric methods and applied using examples.

Afterwards, the presentation of the workshop case started. In 4 groups, the students developed an innovative marketing concept for contract renewals and upsell potentials. Each group focused on a different specific customer target group with different requirements regarding technology and usage. During the workshop, all groups received intensive support from the Vodafone employees responsible for the respective area. The second day of the workshop began again with a small icebreaker, after which the work on the cases continued. Afterwards, all teams presented their results to the other groups and some Vodafone employees. The students received very detailed and valuable feedback, evaluating their ideas in terms of innovativeness and feasibility. Even the division managers did not miss the opportunity to be present at the presentation of the results. 

Finally, the various entry-level opportunities, ranging from working student positions and internships to permanent positions as trainees as well as some exciting current vacancies, were presented. We would like to thank the representatives of Vodafone for the exciting insights and a very instructive workshop. We look forward to further inspiring and hands-on workshops!