AMA TechSIG Lazaridis Award Presented to Manfred Krafft

Maria Rouziou presents the Lazaridis Award to Manfred Krafft

At the Summer AMA conference in Boston, Manfred Krafft was awarded the Lazaridis prize for the best paper in the area of “Innovation, Technology and Interactivity” presented by Maria Rouziou (Wilfried Laurier University). The respective publication honored is the paper “Permission Marketing and Privacy Concerns – Why Do Customers (Not) Grant Permissions?”, co-authored with former IfM-PhD Christine M. Arden and Peter C. Verhoef of Groningen. The article was published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing. The American Marketing association and the Lazaridis Institute for Management of Technology Enterprises of the Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo (Canada) award the Lazaridis Award.

During his laudation, Professor Charles Hofacker (Florida State University) especially highlighted that the topics of the paper “Permission Marketing and Privacy Concerns” address highly relevant issues. The authors find that monetary incentives and lotteries do not reveal any effect. Rather, customers tend to grant permission only for relevant and entertaining content, which is also under their control. Perceived registration cost, privacy concerns and intrusiveness lead to fewer permissions, while entertaining and relevant content attenuates the negative effects of privacy concerns on the probability of granting permission. The article is freely available since the authors have acquired the copyright.

Krafft, Manfred, Christine M. Arden, and Peter C. Verhoef (2017), "Permission Marketing and Privacy Concerns – Why Do Customers (Not) Grant Permissions?," Journal of Interactive Marketing, 39, 39-54.