Professors Cait Lamberton and Rebecca Walker Reczek taught a Doctoral Course on Consumer Behavior at the MCM

The Marketing Center Münster had the pleasure to welcome Cait Lamberton, University of Pittsburgh, and Rebecca Walker Reczek, Ohio State University, for the first time to Münster! The two scholars are global thought leaders in the field of consumer research, as evidenced by numerous impressive publications and awards.

During their stay in July 2018, the two professors taught a brand new doctoral course on consumer behavior, as part of the School of Business and Economics’ doctoral program. It combined classical theories such as social influence with more current topics, including consumer creativity and lay theories. The four-day course also featured an idea design workshop, during which the participants developed new research ideas as well as an according empirical design. The course participants received profound feedback by Professors Lamberton and Walker Reczek. Definitely a highlight of the course was a small research idea competition with prices awarded for the best research idea – as well as the “dark horse” research idea, among others.

The MCM says a huge Thank-you to Cait and Rebecca for this inspiring experience – and hoped the two gifted colleagues will return to Münster soon!