Managers from Münster in Channel Management Lecture

Managers from Dermansence, flaschenpost, SuperBioMarkt, and Thalia (from left to right) with Dr. Sonja Gensler

A group of managers from Münster was in for a special treat on April 27th. The managers from Thalia, flaschenpost, Dermasence and SuperBioMarkt attended the course Channel Management (taught by Dr. Sonja Gensler) to deepen their knowledge about digital marketing. The managers came on invitation of the Institute of Value Based Marketing to be part of the project “KnowIT”. The idea behind the project is to bridge the gap between research and practice in marketing with presentations that deliver practical managerial implications from academic journals. The findings from more than 30 academic papers about SEA, Display, Social Media, and mobile advertising were presented in 10 minute pitches by the students. It took less than a minute that the first managers started to make notes. After each presentation the managers shared their experiences with the students and highlighted challenges in making fact-based, performance-oriented allocation decisions. Every single manager stated at the end, that the time they spent was worth it. And also for the students the event was a great success. As one student concluded: “It was a great experience to present in front of managers and it shows that research can really give implications for practice.”