Professor Krafft participates in „Ask the Experts“ videos by the Direct Selling Educational Foundation

Professor Krafft provides detailed insights into direct selling and presents findings from the Join, Stay, Leave-study.

The Direct Selling Educational Foundation (DSEF) has set up a new program “Ask the Experts” in which experts are interviewed on topics that relate to direct selling as distribution channel. The purpose of DSEF’s Ask the Experts videos is to demystify as well as mainstream the channel to both the public and key audiences (academics and students). In addition, member companies of the Direct Selling Association may also find these videos useful in countering critics. Professor Krafft who has been recently appointed as DSEF Fellow participated in this new initiative and talks about e.g. direct selling dynamics, the join, stay, leave research, drivers of income, success, and turnover. In total, seven video clips have been produced that are now available on the DSEF website (http://dsef.org/resources-123/ask-the-experts/). The video on “Direct Selling Dynamics: Why People Join” was recently shared on DSEF’s Facebook page and was already viewed by more than 1,100 users in a couple of days. Professor Anne T. Coughlan (Northwestern University) who together with Professor Krafft and Julian Allendorf works on the Join, Stay, Leave study has been also interviewed by the DSEF on various topics. The video production was supported by the service point filming of the University of Muenster.