International Research Collaborations - Professor Manfred Krafft and Michael Gerke Travel to San Francisco

From August 2 to August 9, 2022, Professor Manfred Krafft and Michael Gerke visited Professor Anne Coughlan in San Francisco to work with her on a joint research project. In the research project, the three co-authors focus on performance factors in direct selling. In addition, they investigate the influence of reasons for engaging in direct selling on the relationship between relevant factors and performance metrics. In addition to working on the research project, the stay also served to exchange information about current developments in research and teaching and to discuss future research collaborations. Moreover, Professor Krafft and Michael Gerke were able to use the Sunday to explore San Francisco together.

Anne Coughlan is an Emeritus Professor of Marketing, at the Kellogg School of Management. She joined the faculty in 1985. Dr. Coughlan's main research interests are in the areas of distribution channels, sales force management and compensation, and pricing. Her current research projects include optimal management of multi-level marketing distribution channels; sales force diversification and optimal group incentive payments as well as drivers and management of sales force turnover.