Doctoral Seminar on Meta-Analysis in Management Research by Professor Tammo Bijmolt (RUG) in a Hybrid Format

During the doctoral seminar, which took place from November 2nd till November 5th, a group of Ph.D. students from different chairs of the University of Münster’s School of Business and Economics was able to extend their knowledge about current and important meta-analysis topics. Professor Tammo Bijmolt from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen traveled from the Netherlands to give valuable insights into topics such as the role of replications and empirical generalizations in science, how to conduct meta-analyses in general, as well as how to use their findings. In the core of the class, the Ph.D. students were trained in collecting and analyzing effect sizes.

Due to the pandemic, the course was held in a hybrid format. Half of the participants met at the Landhaus Rothenberge, and the other half participated online via Zoom. The last two days were then held entirely online. In the four days filled with an interactive seminar and interesting discussions, the Ph.D. students were able to gather relevant information for further research on their projects.