"Streamers Changed the Game!" – Dr. Malte Probst from Sky as virtual guest at the MCM

“Subscription-based online streaming services have fundamentally changed the rules of the game in the entertainment industry,” stated Dr. Malte Probst, Senior Vice President Film and Entertainment Portfolio at Sky Deutschland, during his guest lecture as part of Professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau's and Dr. Ann-Kristin Kupfer’s master's lecture "Entertainment Media Marketing". During his presentation entitled "Transforming an Old School Business - Can You?" on January 27, 2021, Dr. Probst spoke about the impact of streaming services on the entertainment industry and the challenges they pose for “traditional” market players, including pay-TV.

Accordingly, the rise of streaming services challenges various elements of the pay-TV business. Netflix and Co. are offering cheaper and more flexible subscription plans, a wider range of content, and a highly personalized user experience, requiring pay-TV providers to put their operations to the test. The need to satisfy viewers with exclusive, high-quality content while avoiding spending excessive amounts of money (in 2018, Netflix paid $100 million to Warner Media to license the cult series "Friends" for just one year!) has resulted in pay-TV broadcasters turning to in-house production of original films and series. In this context, Dr. Probst stressed the crucial, while difficult, operation of finding “the next great story” with credible talent that suits the zeitgeist.

The guest lecture was followed by a lively discussion between Dr. Probst and Münster’s marketing and media students. How will the industry change in the coming years and which services and broadcasters will survive in the battle for viewers, content, and money? “In this industry, not everyone will be a winner,” Dr. Probst anticipates, pointing to the limited number of subscription services a consumer is willing to subscribe to at the same time.

We thank Dr. Probst for his inspiring guest lecture and his openness to debate the state of TV and streaming with the Entertainment Media Marketing course!