Paper on the fourth industrial revolution by Professor Krafft et al. published at JIM

The research paper “Challenges and Opportunities for Marketing Scholars in Times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” by Professor Manfred Krafft (IfM), Professor Laszlo Sajtos (University of Auckland), and Professor Michael Haenlein (ESCP Business School) is now available at the Journal of Interactive Marketing (JIM).

As the fourth industrial revolution blurs the digital, biological and physical spheres, the paper introduces the term boundary object, or boundary technology, that help to process more information (syntactic boundary) for enhanced learning (semantic boundary) and create a higher-level intelligence (pragmatic boundary). Moreover, the authors propose that crossing syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic boundaries is facilitated by several industrial revolution phenomena: big data, machine learning, and AI. Marketing scholars should focus on enhancing their abilities in knowledge integration across boundaries to sustain their role as cutting-edge scientists.

If you are interested in detailed information, you can find the full article here.