Brown Bag Seminar with Prof. Heike Trautmann (WWU)

Tuesday, 27. April 2021 - 12:30, Zoom

What is it about humanity that we can’t give away to intelligent machines? A European perspective

Abstract: One of the most significant recent technological developments concerns the development and implementation of ‘intelligent machines’ that draw on recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. However, there are growing tensions between human freedoms and machine controls. 

We present the findings of an ERCIS workshop that investigated the application of the principles of human freedom throughout intelligent machine development and use. Forty IS researchers from ten different countries discussed four contemporary AI and humanity issues and the most relevant IS domain challenges. 

The results have been published in an article that summarizes the experiences and opinions regarding four AI and humanity themes: Crime & conflict, Jobs, Attention, and Wellbeing. The outcomes of the workshop discussions identify three attributes of humanity that need preservation: a critique of the design and application of AI, and the intelligent machines it can create; human involvement in the loop of intelligent machine decision-making processes; and the ability to interpret and explain intelligent machine decision-making processes. 

Drawing on these findings, we will suggest an agenda for future AI and humanity research.  Moreover, we will outline the WWU topical program “Algorithmization and Social Interaction” and the European AI Initiative CLAIRE.

Zoom-Link (Code: 272879)