Signature System

  • Books

    A   General Literature & Literature of Business Administration
    A-a   Lexicons, Dictionaries, Concise Dictionaries
    A-b   Philosophy of Science and Theoretical Foundations of Business Administration
    A-c   General Business Administration
      I Overall Views, General Textbooks, Readings, Casebooks
      II Management, Business Management, Planning
      III Corporate Identity, Corporate Culture, Ethics
      IV Organization and Personnel
      V Cooperation and Enterprise Networks, Strategic Alliances
      VI Procurement and Purchasing
      VII Production
      VIII Investment and Financing
      IX Accounting
      X Cost Accounting
      XI Controlling
      XII Information and Knowledge Management
      XIII Risk Management
      XIV Innovation and Technology Management
      XV Newer Management Concepts
    B   Business to Business Marketing / Industrial Goods Marketing
    B-a   General Textbooks, Collected Editions
    B-b   Business Type Specific Business to Business Marketing / Industrial Goods Marketing
      I Product Business
      II System Business
      III Business Investment
      IV Supply Business
    B-c   Industry-Specific Priorities
      I Information Technology and Processing
      II Telecommunications / Multimedia
    B-d   Industrial Services
    D   Services Marketing
    D-a   General Textbooks, Handbooks, Readings
    D-b   Quality Management in the Services Sector
    D-c   Customer Service Management and Value Added Services
    D-d   Industry-Specific Features of Services Management
      I Transport Services Marketing
      II Financial Services Marketing
      III Tourism Marketing
      IV Other Industries
    H   Trade Marketing
    H-a   General Retail Management, Trade Marketing, and Trade Management (Planning, Management, Monitoring, Structural and Behavioral Aspects)
    H-b   Information Bases for Trade
      I Commercial Market Research
      II Commercial Controlling
      III Commercial Accounting (Cost Accounting, Balances, Taxes, Financing, Investment)
      IV Merchandise Management, Merchandise Management System
    H-c   Procurement and Purchasing of Trade
    H-d   Logistics of Trade
    H-e   Organization of Trade
    H-f   Personnel and Sales Management of Trade
    H-g   Regional Economic Policy of Trade
    H-h   Selected Differentiation Tools of Trade
      I Product and Assortment Policy of Trade
      II Price Policy of Trade
      III Communication Policy of Trade
      IV Presentation of Wares and Shop Design
      V Services of Trade
    H-i   Cooperation and Networks, Trade-Specific
    H-k   Business Types
    H-m   Internationalization
    I   International Marketing
    I-a   General Textbooks, Basics
    I-b   Export Business / Foreign Economics
    I-c   Country-Specific Features
      I European Issues
      II Non-European Issues
    I-d   International Management
    I-e   International Order Financing
    K   Consumer Behavior
    K-a   General Textbooks, Social Science Basics
    K-b   Consumer Behavior
    K-c   Organizational Procurement Behavior
    K-d   Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
    K-e   Diffusion Research
    M   General Marketing / General Marketing Literature
    M-a   General Textbooks, Overall Works, Readings, Casebooks
    M-b   Conceptual Basics of Marketing
    M-c   Marketing Strategies
    M-d   Product and Program Policy
    M-e   Contracting Policy
    M-f   Communication Policy
    M-g   Cross-Mix Decisions
      I Marketing Policy
      II E-Commerce
      III Sales Management
    M-h   Marketing Coordination
      I Integrated Planning of the Marketing Mix as Function-Specific Coordination
      II Cross-Functional Coordination - Complexity
      III Marketing Organization
      IV Marketing Implementation, Internal Marketing
      V Marketing Controlling
    M-i   Non‐Profit Marketing
    M-k   Industry-Specific Features
      I Automotive Industry
      II Textile Industry
      III Other Industries
    N   Media
    N-a   Entertainment / New Media
      I Entertainment Media
      II New Media
    N-b   Audiovisual Media (DVDs)
    P   Related Disciplines
    P-a   Psychology
    P-b   Sociology
    P-c   Anthropology / Ethnology
    P-d   Communication Science
    R   Research / Market Research
    R-a   General Textbooks, Handbooks
    R-b   Data Collection
    R-c   Process and Methods of Data Analysis
    S   Statistical Data Collection
    U   Environmental Management
    U-a   Overall Views, Textbooks on Environmental Management
    U-b   Interdisciplinary Basics of Environmental Management
    U-c   Environmental Awareness and Ecological Behavior
    U-d   Planning Instruments of Environmental Management, Ecobalances, …
    U-e   Eco-Controlling, EMAS, ISO 14001, Environmental Cost Accounting
    U-f   Orientation of Ecology-Oriented Marketing, Eco-Marketing Mix
    V   Sales / Distribution Management
    V-a   General Distribution Management
    V-b   Logistics
  • Journals

    Z-g 1 Absatzwirtschaft
    Z-g 2 GFK Marketing Intelligence Review (formerly Z-g 25)
    Z-g 5 BAG Handelsmagazin
    Z-g 6 Beschaffung aktuell
    Z-g 7 GS1/Standards = collabor@te
    Z-g 9 DBW
    Z-g 10 Dynamik im Handel
    Z-g 11 Einzelhandelsberater
    Z-g 12 European Management Journal
    Z-g 13 FFH Mitteilungen Berlin
    Z-g 14 Eco
    Z-g 15 Handel, Der
    Z-g 16 HV-Journal
    Z-g 17 Harvard Business Manager
    Z-g 18 Harvard Business Review
    Z-g 19 ifo Schnelldienst
    Z-g 20 Industrial Marketing Management
    Z-g 21 Information Management
    Z-g 22 International Journal of Research in Marketing
    Z-g 23 Internationales Verkehrswesen
    Z-g 24 IWD
    Z-g 25 Jahrbuch der Absatz-und Verbrauchsforschung (see Z-g 2)
    Z-g 26 Journal of Advertising Research
    Z-g 27 Journal of Business Research
    Z-g 28 Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing
    Z-g 29 Journal of Consumer Research
    Z-g 30 Journal of Global Marketing
    Z-g 31 Journal of international Business Studies
    Z-g 32 Journal of Marketing
    Z-g 33 Journal of Marketing Management
    Z-g 34 Journal of Marketing Research
    Z-g 35 Journal of Product Innovation Management
    Z-g 36 Journal of Retailing
    Z-g 37 International Journal of Service Industry Management
    Z-g 38 Journal of Services Marketing
    Z-g 39 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
    Z-g 40 The Columbia Journal of World Business
    Z-g 41 Kompetenz
    Z-g 42 Manager Magazin
    Z-g 43 Markenartikel
    Z-g 44 Marketing Journal
    Z-g 45 Marketing Letters
    Z-g 46 Marketing ZfP
    Z-g 47 Markt, Der
    Z-g 48 Marktforscher, Der // Marktforschung
    Z-g 49 sbr - Schmalenbach Business Review
    Z-g 50 Media Perspektiven
    Z-g 51 Handel im Fokus
    Z-g 52 Planung und Analyse
    Z-g 53 Rationeller Handel
    Z-g 54 Marketing Research
    Z-g 55 Marktforschung und Management
    Z-g 56 Strategic Management Journal
    Z-g 57 The McKinsey Quarterly
    Z-g 58 Thexis Ab 2008 Marketing Review St. Gallen
    Z-g 59 Top Business
    Z-g 60 Umwelttwirtschaftsforum
    Z-g 61 transfer - Werbeforschung und Praxis
    Z-g 62 ZfB=JBE
    Z-g 63 ZfbF
    Z-g 65 Structual Equation Modeling
    Z-g 67 mir - Management international Review
    Z-g 68 Logistik Heute
    Z-g 69 Journal of interactive Marketing
    Z-g 70 Acquisa
    Z-g 72 Journal für Betriebswirtschaft
    Z-g 73 Journal of Relationship Marketing
    Z-g 74 Marketing Science
    Z-g 75 Journal of Service Research
    Z-g 76 Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
    Z-g 77 Public Manager, The
    Z-g 78 Social Marketing Quarterly
    Z-g 79 Stiftung und Sponsoring
    Z-g 80 MedienWirtschaft
    Z-g 81 Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
    Z-g 82 Social Media Magazin
    Z-g 83 AMS Review
    Z-g 84 brand eins
    Z-u 7 Horizont
    Z-u 10 Lebensmittel-Zeitung