Kathrin Regier accepted for the WiWi-Talents program

Once again, one of our MCM-students is chosen to be a real “WiWi-Talent”. Some weeks ago, our master student, Kathrin Regier, was nominated for the WiWi-Talents program by Prof. Dr. Manfred Krafft, Director of the Chair of Marketing Management. We can proudly announce that Ms. Regier was accepted for the program. Thus, the Chair of Marketing Management has successfully nominated 14 marketing students over the last five years and is therefore honored as “Talentschmiede” by the WiWi-Talents program.

In partnership with high profile business representatives, business and economics students (as well as students from neighboring disciplines) are called up to apply for the WiWi-Talents program twice a year since 2005. In order to get chosen as a WiWi-Talent, students are required to prove an excellence study performance, experience abroad, strong social and community commitment as well as a target-oriented career planning. Along with comprehensive support and guidance, WiWi-Talents are presented in the WiWi-Talents Book. This is shared with more than 500 prestigious firms in the German speaking area. It enables the WiWi-Talents to get in touch with potential employers at an early stage and to establish valuable contacts for best career starts.

We congratulate Ms. Regier to her outstanding achievement and look forward to nominate more MCM students for the WiWi-Talents program in the coming years.