The Agility of the Enterprise Metaverse: New Real-World Evidence from the XRLab@MCM

In a new scholarly report, Nilusha Aliman and Professor Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau from the Chair of Marketing & Media and the MCM’s eXperimental Reality Lab have collaborated with the Ministry of the Interior and Sport of the German State of Lower Saxony to explore the usefulness of team meetings carried out in Virtual Reality.

Their report entitled “Meetings in the Enterprise Metaverse: How Virtual Reality Affects Scaled Business Agility” and coauthored with André Henke from the Hannover-based Ministry, covers findings from two real-world studies in which managers of the Ministry together with those of partner organizations (e.g., consulting firms) participated in parts of PI-planning events via state-of-the-art VR headsets. It is among the first works that study the effectiveness the use of VR technology in a real-world enterprise metaverse context on a large scale.

Overall, findings from their two studies show that meetings in the enterprise metaverse can benefit from the unique characteristics of VR technology, resulting in higher levels of scaled business agility as perceived by the participating managers. Thus, the authors conclude that taking the “blue pill” and entering the enterprise metaverse is quite different from what the dystopic “Matrix” movie argued it  – instead, they show that meeting in the enterprise metaverse can offer a lot of benefits, with which the two-dimensional reality of videoconferences has difficulties competing with.

The new report can be downloaded for free from the website of the XRLab@MCM here: