CULTMARTS 2019: Video Interview with Professor Hennig-Thurau about the Creative Industries and Emerging Markets in the “Era of Entertainment Science”

In September last year, MCM professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau travelled to Bogotá/Colombia to offer the keynote speech of the first-ever CULTMARTS conference (see here). His presentation, entitled „Welcome to the Era of Entertainment Science“, was attended by about 500 managers from the creative industries.

During his stay in Bogotá, Professor Hennig-Thurau also spoke with conference organizer Javier A. Rodríguez-Camacho, professor at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana where CULTMARTS took place, about the state of the creative industries and the role of Entertainment Science thinking for creating and distributing successful creative offerings. Enjoy listening in on their conversation.

Part 1: About the challenges and chances of artists and the creative industries in digital times:

Part 2: About data analytics, unbundling and false predictions taken by recommender systems:

Part 3: About the importance of creative industries for emerging markets and the market power of digital platform operators: