Five characteristics that define a good master’s program

The University of Muenster ranks among the top schools in business administration and economics in Germany based on the most recent university ranking by the German magazine Wirtschaftswoche. Professor Manfred Krafft contributed to a news article in Wirtschaftswoche on the ranking results by identifying and elaborating on characteristics that are essential to a good master’s program.

Manfred Krafft and colleagues from other business faculties in Germany agreed that the following five criteria are important when identifying a good master program: (1) clear structure, (2) focus and perspective, (3) variety of courses, (4) share of practical experiences in the program, and (5) mentoring and support. To define the latter criterion, Professor Krafft describes good mentoring by supervisors as their readiness to adapt to the specifics of individual students. Overall, an intensive and tailor-made mentoring by research assistants and professors helps students best to make decisions upon their future and subsequent course of studies.

The news article can be found here. Professor Krafft has also provided answers to four questions about Muenster’s master of science in business program. More details are provided here.