CEM Porsche-Workshop: Combining Porsche Brand Assets with Generation Y “Driven Youth Assets”

Experienced two exciting days at Porsche in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen: CEM students in front of the Porsche Museum.

From January 25 to 26, 25 members of the Circle of Excellence in Marketing (CEM) took part in the third CEM Porsche-Workshop in Stuttgart. The workshop was hosted by the marketing department of which some members including Dr. Stephan Nass, Alexander Georgoudakis and David Papenheim are also alumni of the CEM.

After a short introduction of the participants, the company’s history and Porsche’s current marketing strategy, Marcel Nusser as part of the digital marketing team introduced the case study. In groups of six, the students worked out two digital based concepts to match the brand assets of Porsche (e.g., the emotional experience when driving a Porsche or the sporting ambition) with the “Driven Youth Assets” of generation Y such as multi-modal mobility and the desire for meaningful experiences. During the afternoon, each group prepared for a 15 minutes pitch of their concepts. The Porsche employees and the participants from Berlin, Cologne and Muenster finally met for dinner at restaurant “Ampulle” where they enjoyed great food and a Gin tasting. The workshop participants used the opportunity to get in touch with both the Porsche representatives and their fellow students.

The second day started with presentations on the concepts that the CEM students developed on day one. The best ideas were awarded with gifts from the dialogue marketing team. In the afternoon, the students took a guided tour through the Porsche Museum where they learned about the long-standing tradition of the Porsche brand as well as about the evolution starting with the first Porsche to the most recent model of the Porsche family. A highlight at the end of the second day was a guided tour through the production facility in Zuffenhausen. During the tour, the participants had the chance to see amongst others the powerful engines and the saddlery where Porsche produces the leather for the individualized interior of the different models.

Equipped with great memories of a challenging case, fascinating insights into the history and production site of Porsche, the CEM students traveled back to Berlin, Cologne and Muenster.