Sonja Gensler

Kick-Off | Seminar 'The Power of Unlocking Better Growth' (MSc BA)

in collaboration with Simon-Kucher
Thursday, 11. April 2024 - 16:00 to 17:30, ULB 201

In the course of this MSc seminar, you and your team will address one managerial challenge related to pricing:

  • Monetization for an artificial intelligent chatbot provider
  • Monetization strategy for an instant messaging service
  • Finding the ‘right’ price for a sustainable innovation of an FMCG company
  • Go-to market strategy for an aviation company that develops electrics flight cabs

Learning objectives
After participating in this seminar, you have broadened your knowledge about pricing strategies in general, and you are able to elaborate on current challenges for companies when competing in dynamic environments.
One objective of this seminar is also to train your analytical skills. Additionally, the seminar intends to develop your academic writing and argumentation skills. Furthermore, you can train your presentation and communication skills.

A registration for this seminar is no longer possible.