Seminar | Latest Methods in Marketing Research (WiSe 2022/23)

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Syllabus to this seminar.

Contact person: Sertan Eravci, M.Sc.

This course takes place mainly in the second term of the winter semester.

Kick off: tba

Credit points: PO BWL 2019 | 12 ECTS
Course grade: Individual work (100 %)

Applications for the seminar are to be made via the general MCM application process for seminars. Please register at the examination office for the early examination period.

During the course, please communicate and stay updated via the course page on Learnweb. Announcements, lecture slides and any additional material will be published there.

The password for the Learnweb-course will be shared via email.

The course will take place in person in compliance with the prevailing COVID-19 restrictions and conditions.


In this module, students will deal with current problems in marketing. Scientific academic papers have to be written on predetermined topics. These are related to the research of the organizing chair. The results will be presented and discussed in class. Findings of current research projects will be integrated into the seminar and discussions. Empirical and/or theoretical-methodological analysis from students and the integration of international aspects are supported.


  • Frederik Ferié (responsible)
  • Sertan Eravci (accompanying)