Specialization Modules (Marketing)

The special modules devoted to marketing provide undergraduates (6th semester) with an opportunity to explore marketing topics in greater depth. We currently offer the following modules:

  • Services Marketing: Topic areas germane to this field of investigation include the differentiation of services and products and the successful management of the services offered by a company. In this course, Professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau (LMM) deals with key success factors such as customer satisfaction and service quality. He also demonstrates how long-term relationships with customers can be built up and maintained by taking account of these factors.
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: This module builds on the obligatory module Marketing 1 and highlights the challenges for entrepreneurial ventures. Next to offering value through innovative products and services to their (prospect) customers, they need to focus on customer acquisition to ensure the sustainability of their business model. Moreover, new ventures have limited resources (financial, HR) to promote their offerings. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wiesel (IWM) discusses how new ventures can bring their marketing strategy to 'life' and manage the marketing mix given their limited resources.