Specialization Modules (Marketing)

The special modules devoted to marketing provide undergraduates with an opportunity to explore marketing topics in greater depth. Sixth-semester students are free to select two of the following modules:

  • Customer Management: This special module presents customer management as a holistic management concept. Although customer management has often been considered exclusively as transaction marketing, the primary focus is now on the customer. Dr. Mirja Kroschke (IfM) highlights the key tasks associated with customer management: canvassing again for, holding on to, or winning back profitable customers.
  • Services Marketing: Topic areas germane to this field of investigation include the differentiation of services and products and the successful management of the services offered by a company. In this course, Professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau (LMM) deals with key success factors such as customer satisfaction and service quality. He also demonstrates how long-term relationships with customers can be built up and maintained by taking account of these factors.
  • Retail Management: There are two pivotal tasks that are intrinsic to decision-making processes relevant to retail management: (1) the development of strategies designed to gain a competitive edge and (2) the implementation of these strategies by the retail mix. Dr Sonja Gensler (IWM) fleshes out the issues related to these tasks by dealing with topics such as optimal store designing or the pricing of commercial products.