Usage Rules

  • Borrowing Rules

    The Heribert Meffert Library is a reference library.

    A weekend lending is possible only in exceptional cases, after consultation with the library staff.

    Books from the reading room and the course reserve collection as well as journal volumes cannot be borrowed.

  • Usage Regulations

    The library ordinance of the Heribert Meffert Library Münster serves the sole purpose of granting all students, postgraduates and university lecturers the opportunity to use the library in accordance with their work requirements.

    § 1 General

    The Heribert Meffert Library of the Marketing Center Münster (MCM) primarily serves research and teaching. It is a reference library. Short-term borrowing of books is regulated by § 7, for borrowing to professors and scientific staff of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, see § 7a.

    § 2 Admission to use

    (1) The library can be used by all members of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.
    (2) Other persons may be authorized for usage by the administration of the library to the extent that the current tasks, performance and spatial conditions of the library permit this; the short-term inspection of library material is permitted on presentation of the student identity card or an official identity card with a photograph.
    (3) PhD students and academic staff who are not members of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität are admitted to use if they provide evidence of the existence of an academic employment relationship

    § 3 Opening hours

    The regular opening hours are determined by the library committee.

    § 4 General Terms of Use

    (1) Everyone who uses the library has to behave in such a way that no other person is impaired in his legitimate claims, the library operation is not hindered, and the inventory, catalogs, furnishings and buildings are not damaged. In case of damages, the party causing them is liable in accordance with § 9.
    (2) Outerwear, umbrellas, luggage, bags must not be taken into the library.
    (3) In the library rooms, silence is to be preserved at all times. Meals, cell phone usage, drinking (water bottles are allowed) and smoking are not permitted. Pets are not allowed in the library.
    (4) Anyone who enters the library is obliged to identify themselves to the library staff on request and to allow access to containers brought into the library. Documents, book covers, booklets, etc. brought in from the outside are to be presented to the library supervisor unsolicited.
    (5) At the end of the opening hours, users must leave the library rooms in a timely and unsolicited manner.
    (6) The instructions of the library staff shall be followed.

    § 5 Use of the Texts

    (1) Only a reasonable number of texts may be used at the same time. The texts always need to be returned to their location after use, but at the latest when the library is closed or when the library is expected to be left for more than an hour.
    (2) The deliberate misplacement of texts is strictly forbidden and is considered a gross violation of the library regulation.
    (3) Unless otherwise specified, work places may not be permanently used. The library staff can evacuate such work places.

    § 6 Hand Appliances

    (1) Texts can be made available in small numbers in the service room as so-called handsets (permanently or for longer periods of time), if teaching and research are not affected.
    (2) The library committee decides on the approval of handsets.
    (3) Within the time span of one week, any document posted in a handset shall be documented in such a way that detection and inspection are possible within a reasonable time. See § 8.

    § 7 Short Term Loan

    (1) The management of the library may permit the short-term access of texts for use outside the library. It will decide over the eligible group of persons, the duration of borrowing the texts, the maximum number and the nature of borrowable documents.
    (2) The Heribert Meffert Library is a reference library. We will gladly provide you with information about the possibilities of borrowing texts over the weekends.
    (3) Texts which have not been returned in due time can be reclaimed at a charge. Irrespective of a request for return, fees may be charged in accordance with the University Library Fee Act if the deadline is exceeded.
    (4) §§ 20 para. 1 and 2, 4-6; 24; 26 and 27 of the Usage Regulations of the University Library apply accordingly.

    § 7a borrowing to professors and scientific staff

    (1) For professors and research assistants of the faculty of economics there is the possibility to borrow writings for up to 4 weeks. The number of books borrowed at the same time is limited to a maximum of 10 copies. Further borrowing of books of the library to other parties is not allowed.
    (2) The borrowing and return of the texts are only possible during the opening hours of the Heribert Meffert library. The fully completed borrowing form including the title, signature and name of the borrower must be given to the responsible library secretary on the ground floor. If third parties are entrusted with borrowing books, they have to submit an original document from the borrower.
    (3) The Heribert Meffert Library is a reference library. For this reason, the borrower has to ensure that the texts he has borrowed for a long-term inspection are available within a period of two days for a short loan from other library users. The storage of texts outside the faculty of the Faculty of Economics and Business is thus to be regarded as a violation of the library regulations.

    § 8 Proof of texts

    Any text borrowed or placed in a handset needs to be accounted for with a library ticket in the Heribert Meffert library.

    § 9 Compensation for damages

    Damaged or non-returned writings are the responsibility of the user. To this end, they must either restore the previous state, obtain a full copy of the borrowed text or make an equivalent monetary contribution to the library within a time limit set by the library. If costs are reimbursed, the library can buy a reproduction or copy of the text.

    § 10 Use of IT-work places

    (1) Within the scope of its possibilities, the library provides IT-work places which may be used exclusively for scientific purposes. In case of high demand, the library management can limit the individual time available for using the computer equipment.
    (2) Instructions for the use of computer equipment, databases and internet services, as well as copyright and license terms shall be complied with. Changes to the system settings, network configuration and software, as well as the installation of additional programs, are not permitted and are considered a serious violation of the user rules.
    (3) The user is liable for damages caused by manipulation or other unauthorized use of the equipment and media of the library, as well as for all damages due to the unauthorized transmission of the access authorization.
    (4) In addition, the provisions of the User Regulations for the Information Processing Center and the decentralized IV supply units as amended shall apply.

    § 11 Disciplinary Measures

    (1) Anyone who seriously or repeatedly violates this order may be permanently or temporarily excluded from the use of the library by the management of the library.
    (2) Serious infringements shall include, in particular, the destruction of texts, as well as painting or writing in the texts, the discharge of pages, the removal of texts or parts thereof, even without the intention to dispose them, as well as the deliberate misplacement of texts.

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