Main Areas of Research

  •   Chair for Marketing & Media (LMM)

    Our chair has a strong reputation in the area of media research, with a focus on digitalization and entertainment management, as well as in the field of service and relationship marketing.

    Key topics in the domain of digitalization include new media and social media, which are consumed via web-enabled computers and mobile phones and assign an active role to the consumer. We are particularly interested in questions such as the value of social media marketing, the impact and generation of different types of word-of-mouth as well as the influence of new media and social media on brand value and other market-related measures. In the area of entertainment management, we investigate substantive phenomena evolving around hedonic media consumption as in the case of movies, games, and TV series.

    Concerning the field of service and relationship marketing, the chair can look back on a long tradition when it comes to studying customer satisfaction, relationship quality, and other performance indicators for business relationships. Topics include among others the prioritization of customers and strategies designed to win back customers.

  •   Chair for Marketing (IfM)

    Research activities are based on the IfM's ‘three pillar concept’, an approach which accords paramount importance to the chair's core competences. As a result, the IfM occupies a unique position in teaching and research. The three pillars on which the IfM's research programme rests are customer relationship management (CRM), direct marketing and sales management.

    A Competence Center has been set up in order to promote research work in these topic areas. The Center determines the chair's orientation in teaching and research as well as in various cross-disciplinary functions. Its core competences include the application of methods and empirical quantitative research.

    Professor Meffert's research team explores topic areas that fall within the purview of general marketing. This encompasses market-oriented management, brand management and international management. The Competence Center also studies nonprofit marketing in the management, governance and management accounting of non-profit oriented organizations.

  •   Chair for Value-Based Marketing (IWM)

    Our research work focuses on questions relating to value-based marketing. Value-based marketing aims at developing and implementing customer-related strategies which create sustainable corporate values. A major role is played by the quantification of the impact of marketing activities on corporate success. This impact may be direct (e.g. profit or a company's value) or indirect (marketing value, customer value or customer sentiment). Due account is taken of the challenges posed to present-day marketing by the evolution of digital media (e.g. social networks, the assessment of products and services by customers). We invariably focus on current issues relating to corporate practice, and we co-operate closely with companies and other organisations. Our aim is not merely to generate scientific knowledge, but to place this knowledge at the disposal of companies, other stakeholders (e.g. analysts and investors) and society at large.

  •   Chair for Business-to-Business Marketing (IAS)

    Business-to-business marketing and the use and further development of multivariate methods of analysis are traditionally the IAS's main areas of research. The chair's research programme is constantly being enriched by the addition of interesting current fields of marketing research such as phenomena of the sharing economy, modular upgradable products, early customer integration or scenario analysis. Practical partnerships play a crucial role here. As a result, most of the projects are implemented in co-operation with companies.