The impact of the Corona crisis on the German economy: A podcast with Professor Manfred Krafft

The German economy has collapsed at record speed due to the corona crisis. While the overall economic performance has declined, some industries such as the aviation or the tourism sector are suffering particularly from the ongoing crisis.

Professor Krafft, Director of the Chair of Marketing Management, was interviewed by press officer Norbert Robers for a podcast about the impact of the corona crisis on the German economy. Professor Krafft talked about the long-term impact of crisis on the economy and how long it will take to get back on its feet. In addition, he explained how the incurred economic slump can be calculated, what psychological effects the crisis will have on the society and how a possible second wave of infection would affect the economy.

The podcast was recently published as part of the new podcast series “WWU-Cast” of the University of Münster and can be accessed via this link.