How much to pay for an influencer?

Digital disruption is a key research and learning topic at MCM. Since the early 2000s MCM scholars are interested and passionate about digitalization and marketing. Especially Professor Thorsten Hennig-Thurau belongs to the pioneering and until today leading scholars in the field of digital marketing. Back in 2003 he was amongst the first scholars to conceptualize and investigate the concept of Electronic Word of Mouth (eWoM). Since then THT - as he is often referred to – has published a wide array of widely acclaimed studies dealing with digital research questions such as the impact of eWoM, the drivers of fire storms and how digitalization is disrupting and changing existing business models. In his latest study published in the Journal of Marketing he finds together with his co-authors, that social media posts of celebrities and actors significantly drive the success of movies. One Facebook post alone may by average increase sales by 107,000 dollars. Depending on the tone and type of the social media posts, sales can even increase by 2.2 million dollars.

With a major in marketing at MCM you will not only learn how to determine yourself the value of an influencer, but in classes such as “Brand Management”, “Integrated Marketing Communications”, or “Entertainment Media Marketing” you will get the latest insights from our very own experts how to design and manage marketing strategies in a more and more digital world.

Curious to learn how to successfully integrate and manage social media channels into your marketing strategy? Check out Professor Hennig-Thurau’s latest publication here or directly apply for your place in our Master of Business program with its unique major and minor in Marketing option.