How do you make a social media post go viral?

The ongoing pandemic has not only changed our life but also once more increased how much we rely on digital channels. We now do not only shop online but also largely rely on online sources, when searching for products, discussing ideas with friends or seeking for help. We more and more exchange opinions and experiences with each other through various online channels, and rely on the same channels, when making decisions. The immanent increase of online life and its impact on our daily life has even more increased the importance of digital marketing. While more and more companies engage in a complex digital world, the rise of channels increased complexity and makes it even more difficult for companies and marketers to efficiently communicate with their customers.

Therefore, we are glad and proud that we have Prof. Dr. Sonja Gensler at MCM. She is not only an expert in marketing analytics, but also a highly recognized digital marketing expert. Her seminal publication “Popularity of Brand Posts on Brand Fan Pages: An Investigation of the Effects of Social Media Marketing“ in the Journal of Interactive Marketing” belongs to the most downloaded and cited papers in this highly respected journal.

At MCM you can profit from the detailed knowledge and expertise in many courses such as “Market Oriented Leadership” or “Advanced Market Research”.

Curious to learn what it takes to successfully manage a social media campaign? Check out Professor Gensler’s publication here or directly apply for your place in our Master of Business program with its unique major and minor in Marketing option.