Does marketing matter?

Marketing is just advertising? We sincerely disagree! And we hope you do too! Being the birthplace of German marketing education and research, Münster stands for a very specific definition of marketing: the concept of market-orientated leadership. This concept puts the customer right into the focus of all corporate activities. Only by understanding customer preferences and developing a market-centered strategy, companies will be able to gain and maintain a sustainable position in the market.

Market-orientation is thus key to successfully develop, drive and manage companies. In Münster we invested in the last 50 years a lot of time and energy to demonstrate the value of our very own market-oriented leadership concept. We do not only find that putting customer interests first, leads to better product and company performance, higher market shares, higher willingness to pay and profits, but our very own expert on value-based marketing expert Professor Thorsten Wiesel, demonstrated that customer-centricity also helps to increase firm value in general.  In his Journal of Marketing study he shows that a 10% increase in customer equity is amplified to a 15.5% increase in shareholder value.

Professor Wiesel is not only an expert in marketing-value measurement but also one of our key-enthusiast of corporate spirit. Therefore, is heading since 2019 the start-up center of the University of Münster: REACH. At MCM he is bringing his knowledge about how to demonstrate the value of marketing and how to use marketing to successfully establish a company in the market in classes such as “Entrepreneurial Marketing” and specific seminar in the realm of start-up marketing and data analytics.

Curious to learn how to demonstrate the value of your marketing? Check out Professor Wiesel’s publication here or directly apply for your place in our Master of Business program with its unique major and minor in Marketing option.