Check of Course Eligibility

As soon as you have received the information that you have been accepted as an exchange student, select the courses you want to take (mostly between four and eight courses). Keep in mind that the courses at the MCM correspond to 6 ECTS (Master) and 3 ECTS (Bachelor).

The courses need to be approved by the MCM before your stay to be able to transfer the results later.

The following documents need to be submitted to the MCM contact person:

  • Cover sheet of your request for checking the course eligibility
  • Official syllabi (information about course content, course structure, examinations, etc.) in German or English (translation)
  • Course level (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course)
  • Official conversion key that can be used to calculate ECTS or the number of hours that students are required to work. If there is no official conversion key you should indicate the average length of the degree program and the minimum number of ECTS required for the successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree course or a Master’s degree course at the foreign university of your choice.
  • Hyperlink to the website of the foreign university of your choice
  • List of the marketing courses you have already taken in Münster
  • List of MCM courses you would like to be accredited for foreign courses (indicate what courses best match MCM courses)

As checking the courses is a time-consuming process, please make sure that your application is complete and submitted as soon as possible.

If there are any changes with respect to the courses you are taking after the approval, you need to get in touch with the MCM contact person immediately who will check whether the alternative courses are also eligible.

Note: Before your stay abroad, we can only tell you whether your course package is likely to be accepted or not. The final approval of the courses will be done once you have completed your studies abroad and depends on your academic achievements.