Application Process

You can spend a semester abroad at one of the Faculty’s our partner universities or as a free mover. If you plan to study abroad during your Master’s degree, the target university should offer a wide range of marketing courses to ensure that you can collect a sufficient number of credits points.

  • Partner universities

    The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Münster cooperates with many high-ranking and well-known universities across the globe. Here you find a list of the Faculty’s partner universities.

    When deciding where you want to study abroad, consider which program best fits your personal interests.

    In recent years, popular partner universities among marketing students were:

    • Copenhagen Business School
    • University of Economics Prague
    • Reykjavík University
    • ESC Rennes
    • ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius

    If you want to study a semester abroad at one of our partner universities, you should submit your application to the International Relations Office as soon as possible.

  • Free movers

    You can also study at a foreign university that is not one of the Faculty’s partner universities. If you want to go abroad as a free mover, it is important that the foreign university you want to visit meets all necessary requirements. Please consult the International Relations Center to obtain further information.

    It is important that the International Relations Center approves the university, before the MCM decides which marketing courses can be accredited. Please check the lists of courses that have been accepted in recent years for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on the Faculty’s outgoing page.