Consumer Behavior (WiSe 2022/23)

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Day Time Frequency Date Room
Monday 16:00- 18:00 single date 14.11.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Tuesday 14:00- 18:00 single date 15.11.2022 Juridicum, JUR 1
Wednesday 14:00- 18:00 single date 16.11.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Thursday 14:00- 18:00 single date 17.11.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Friday 14:00- 18:00 single date 18.11.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Monday 14:00- 18:00 single date 21.11.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Wednesday 16:00- 18:00 single date 23.11.2022 Juridicum, JUR 4
Tuesday 16:00- 18:00 weekly 29.11.2022- 31.01.2023 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Wednesday 14:00- 16:00 weekly 30.11.2022- 01.02.2023 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal


Detailed course outline. (tba)

Contact person: Nina Mack, M.Sc.

This course takes place in both terms of the winter semester.

Course grade: Group work (67 %) | Final exam (33 %)
Please register at the examination office for the regular examination period.

Credit points: 6 ECTS (PO BWL 2019)

Recommendation: Students are recommended to attend ”Advanced Market Research” prior to this course.

During the course, please communicate and stay updated via the course page on Learnweb. Announcements, lecture slides and any additional material will be published there.

The password for all lecture materials will be displayed in the first lecture. Email and telephone inquiries regarding the password will not be answered.

The course will take place in a face-to-face format in compliance with the prevailing COVID-19 restrictions and conditions.


In today’s world of increasing competition, one has to strengthen the company’s position in the market. The knowledge of how to assess the consumer is important in order to succeed. Consumer Marketing involves understanding whether, why, when, where and how much, how often, and for how long consumers will buy, use or dispose of an offering. This lecture also deals with what affects consumers as they make their acquisition, usage, and disposition decisions. It further fosters an understanding of advertising campaigns and communication strategies. The primary objectives of this course are to get a detailed understanding of the internal processes which determine human behavior, to expand the student’s knowledge of consumer decision-making, and information processing, and to develop skills and gain experience in formulating behavioral pricing and product development coherences.

Each participant will get a detailed understanding of the internal processes which determine human behavior. The students are able to enroll and analyze real experimental data and create scientific papers. As the module is held in English, it enhances the students’ ‘Business English skills. The group work is undertaken in form of a research project. The results of the group work have to be presented in front of the class.


  • Professor Dr. Manfred Krafft (responsible)
  • Nina Sophie Mack (accompanying)