Entrepreneurship 2 (WiSe 2021/22)

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Day Time Frequency Date Room
Friday 08:00- 12:00 weekly 03.12.2021- 04.02.2022 Schlossgarten 3, SG 3 Hörsaal
Thursday 16:00- 20:00 single date 13.01.2022 Orléans-Ring 12, SRZ 17
Thursday 16:00- 20:00 single date 13.01.2022 Orléans-Ring 12, SRZ 104
Thursday 16:00- 20:00 single date 13.01.2022 Orléans-Ring 12, SRZ 116


Please note that due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 the course format (Zoom, hybrid, in presence) will be announced end of September when we know more about the actual regulations. 

We are currently planning to teach the course in face-to-face form combined with digital elements that have proven successful from a didactic perspective.

Due to structural measures, it is not yet clear in which room the event will take place. We will publish this information as soon as we know it.

This course takes place in the second term of the winter semester.

Course grade: Group work (100 %) | Please register at the examination office for the regular examination period.
Credit points: 6 ECTS (PO BWL 2010)

During the course, please communicate and stay updated via the course page on Learnweb. Announcements, lecture slides and any additional material will be published there.


Background and relations to other courses:

This course deepens the insights of the course Entrepreneurship 1 (Innovation Management). Based on the activities of the business model canvas and after successful idea generation and creation of a rough concept, the activities of market entry, growth of the core business and options for business area diversification are discussed in particular.

Main topics:

  • Development and implementation of the value proposition (Go-to-Market)
  • Scaling of the business model (Business Growth)
  • Further development of the business model (Business Development)

The contents are taught in theory-based lectures, case studies and guest lectures.

Course objective:

Students learn which strategic decisions have to be made with regard to brand positioning as well as the corresponding customer and channel management in order to establish a young company successfully on the market in the long term.



  • Professor Dr. Thorsten Wiesel (responsible)