How to get to the MCM

Marketing Center Münster
Am Stadtgraben 13-15
48143 Münster

+49 251 83-25025

  • Directions by car

    As you can get to the MCM car park via a street called Krummer Timpen, you should type ‘Krummer Timpen’ into your GPS navigation device. It may be useful to know that Schlossplatz (formerly known as Hindenburgplatz) is in the north, while Am Stadtgraben is in the south. After travelling along the B54, turn into the Universitätsstraße, then take the first street on the right (Krummer Timpen). The first driveway on the right leads to the MCM car park.

  • Directions by train and by bus

    Buses travelling in the direction of the MCM leave Münster railway station at short intervals. The Krummer Timpen bus stop is a two minutes walk from the Marketing Center Münster. If you take a taxi outside the railway station it will take you about eight minutes to reach your destination. If you set out on foot you will have to walk for about 17 minutes.

  • Directions by plane

    The Münster-Osnabrück airport is about 30 minutes' drive from the MCM. On weekdays buses ply between the airport and Münster railway station at thirty-minute intervals, but at the weekend they leave once an hour. If you board the S50 bus you will be able to get to the MCM in 35 minutes, but if you board the R51 it will take you 45 minutes to reach your destination.