Circle of Excellence in Marketing (CEM)

The Marketing Center Münster plays a leading role among German educational establishments which provide individual support for students of marketing. The Circle of Excellence in Marketing was conceived as a certified leadership programme for highly gifted students of marketing from big state universities. The aim of the programme is to widen participants' skills by providing additional training that goes well beyond that offered to students of average ability.

This one-year talent programme for outstanding students of marketing from the University of Münster, the University of Cologne and the Free University of Berlin is intended to prepare students to exercise executive functions in companies which operate at an international level. Among other things, students take part in varied workshops offered by partner companies.

Six Assets of the Circle of Excellence in Marketing

  • Contacts with leading international companies
  • Attractive and varied workshops and evenings by the fireside for students who would like to meet company representatives
  • Opportunities to meet people and make friends by doing things together
  • Regular meet-ups where you can exchange experiences with active and former participants of the Circle of Excellence in Marketing
  • Regular informal meetings where you can get to know marketing specialists outside the classroom
  • a Circle of Excellence in Marketing certificate which may serve as a visiting card if you have an appointment with a prospective employer

Eligibility Requirements for Students who wish to participate in the Circle of Excellence in Marketing

  • You have a keen interest in marketing.
  • As an undergraduate you have taken the basic courses in marketing and opted for a special module in marketing (or it is your firm intention to select a special module in marketing).
  • Alternatively, you have decided to major in marketing as a master's student, and you have already passed some examinations at the University of Münster.
  • You have an excellent track record as a student.
  • You have an interesting and convincing personality.

Have we aroused your interest? Information about applications and the selection procedure for the Circle of Excellence in Marketing can be found here.