Acceptance research for technological innovations

Project status definitely finished
Project time 01.01.1999- 30.12.2006
Funding source DFG - Individual Grants Programme
Project number BA 531/10-1
Keywords Innovation, Acceptance, Conjoint-Analysis

Innovations are considered as drivers of economic growth. However, various opportunities are faced by significant risks. Numerous studies show that only a minority of new products can be established in the market long-term. Especially in light of the increasing level of innovations in projects dealing with new products a growing relevance of efficient innovation research in the field of basic innovations is resulting. Thus, suppliers can predict the acceptance of planned innovations by consumers through the successful application of appropriate methods.

The project "acceptance research for technological innovations" devoted mainly to the following two questions:

  • How the market potential for technology-based innovations can be forecasted validly, if real products are not used in market research projects?
  • What is the role of multimedia stimuli as a form of presentation for technical basic innovations?
To answer these questions a fictitious market lab investigated the question, if multimedia and real stimuli lead to similar results. As solution a market laboratory was developed, adapted from a multimedia-based limit conjoint analysis.