Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW "REACH Euregio Start-up Center"

Project status in progress
Project time 01.09.2019- 31.08.2026
Website https://www.reach-euregio.de/
Funding source MWIDE NRW - Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW
Project number 03ESCNW09
Keywords Entrepreneurship

In September 2019, the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) was awarded the title "Excellence Start-up Center.NRW" (ESC) by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For the first time, a central and joint university start-up center, REACH, is being established at WWU as a result of this funding. The REACH supports those interested in starting a business at both the WWU and Münster University of Applied Sciences and accompanies them from their idea to the start-up. The REACH at the WWU is the platform where the networking of start-ups with science, as well as companies, institutions and associations takes place.