XRLab@MCM Receives Jagdish N. Sheth Best JAMS Article Award 2023!

The article “Social Interactions in the Metaverse: Framework, Initial Evidence, and Roadmap,” by the MCM’s eXperimental Reality Lab (XRLab@MCM) current members Prof. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Nilusha Aliman, and Alina Herting, together with former XRLab members Gerrit Cziehso, Marc Linder, and Prof. Raoul Kübler (now at ESSEC) has been honored with the prestigious Jagdish N. Sheth Best JAMS Article Award 2023 by the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) Editorial Board! The Best Article Award recognizes the authors of the outstanding article published in JAMS in a given year. JAMS is renowned for its excellence, ranking among the Financial Times’ Top 50 business and economics journals, and currently has an impact factor of over 18, among the highest of scholarly marketing and business journals.

The award-winning article represents the first extensive investigation into collaboration within virtual worlds, examining how activities in Social Virtual Reality differ from those in “flat” digital environments, such as 2D interfaces used in platforms like Zoom and metaverse environments accessed via computer screens rather than VR headsets. The results highlight that high-immersive environments provide a significant competitive advantage in value creation due to a heightened sense of social presence. However, this advantage can be offset by factors such as the increased level of exhaustion experienced by VR headset users.

The article has garnered considerable interest from industry experts and scholars alike, as evidenced by the 27,000 downloads in its first year of publication.

The XRLab@MCM-Team would like to thank the journal's editorial board for recognizing the value of its work.


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