Research - IfM

The Chair of Marketing Management (IfM) is one of the most famous marketing chairs in Germany and is currently run by Professor Manfred Krafft. Since its foundation in 1969 by Professor Heribert Meffert, the Chair of Marketing Management stands for scientifically sound research and teaching with a marked practical bias.

The IfM's national and international research activities are anchored in an approach known as the ‘three pillar concept’. This approach accords paramount importance to the chair's core competences. As a result, the IfM occupies a unique position in teaching and research. The three pillars on which the IfM's research programme rests are customer relationship management (CRM), direct marketing and sales management.

A Competence Center has been set up in order to promote research work in these topic areas. The Center determines the chair's orientation in teaching and research as well as in various cross-disciplinary functions.